zaterdag 19 mei 2007

St-Germain in ze mix

The Albums Boulevard and Tourist mixed together by SmAkS,
Side A - Listen (right klik save as)
Side B - Listen (right klik save as)

Big big Ch!LL ................enjoy

maandag 14 mei 2007


Trying out wavelab as a big nooby, i like the groove so be damned the mixes, it s a great set of Hip Hop and soulfull R'n'b.

Listen Here (right klik save as)

zondag 13 mei 2007

Grooves and Dreams

Trying to mix again with limited budget after a 5 year break,

Listen Here(Right klick save as)

SmAkS@Fun side B

SmAkS@Fun side A

One of my first home made mixes
back in the days
when i was looking @the world
like my cat is looking on the photo.

Listen Here (right klick save as )

I sure miss those days of innosence now :)