zaterdag 16 februari 2008

Uriel First Take , nice House set

First House mix thats quite good realized with VDJ ,
thx to Dj Chronic , Dj Moley and Josh Sense for the tracks,

Playlist :

  1. Atrax / Hard to Love (Get Far Remix)
  2. Shik Stylko feat. Tyree Coope / Groove You Out Tonight 2007 (Funkagenda's Dry Bagel Mix)
  3. Botz and Flydrums / Flamenkito (DJ Wady Bedroom Mix)
  4. Africanism All Stars / Les Enfants Du Bled
  5. Doug Willis / Dougswana Power To The People’
  6. Danny Marquez & Tuccillo / Mumba (Afro Main Mix)
  7. Yass / I'm Free Feat. L.T. Brown_(Main Mix)
  8. Yass / He Reigns_(Unreleased Mix)
  9. Buck Naked / Stressed The Fuck Out
  10. Con Amore / Crazy Situation (Original Mix)
  11. Natural Rhythm / Freak FM (Littlemen Remix)
  12. Logicalgroove Ft Savio Vurchio / You Are The One (Pako Sax Full Length Mix)
  13. The Beard Philippa / For Me (orig)
  14. Kaskade / Its You Its Me
  15. The Oliverwho Factory / Disco Nights


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